ichameleon – Terms of Business.


By agreeing to the work to be completed as shown on the Customer Estimate/Invoice you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.



“we” and “us” refers to the company trading as ichameleon as shown on the face of the invoice/estimate.

“Estimate” refers to the Customer Estimate.


Estimates, Bookings and Repair Location:

The Estimate prepared by ichameleon is an offer to repair the damage indicated at the price stated. This will be a valid price up to 30 days from date of estimate. The customer’s agreement, however stated, to proceed with repairs constitutes acceptance of that offer and forms a binding legal contract incorporating these Terms of Business.


If for any reason, including but not limited to inclement weather, ichameleon is unable to carry out the repair or collection at the time or location indicated on the Estimate, any and all liability incurred by us as a result shall be discharged if we make an offer to conduct the repair at the Estimate price on an alternative time or location convenient to both parties, whether or not such time date and location is identified or such offer is accepted.



ichameleon undertakes to carry out the repairs indicated on the Estimate. If it becomes clear during the work that, in the opinion of the repairer, further work is necessary to properly complete the repairs outlined on the Estimate, the customer’s authorisation and agreement will be obtained before any further work is undertaken that would increase the price shown on the Estimate. If such authorisation is not forthcoming, we reserve the right not to continue with the repairs that require the further work. In these circumstances the full Estimate price remains payable by the customer. Further work that does not increase the Estimate price may be proceeded with without the requirement for customer authorisation.



No repair will be identical to an automotive factory finish, which is machine-sprayed to tolerances beyond human capability. Hence no repair will ever be ‘as good as new’. ichameleon discharges its obligations under any repair agreement by providing a good quality, hand-completed aftermarket repair. In normal circumstances, such a repair is unlikely to be detected by a casual examination of the vehicle by an untrained observer unaware of the previous damage location.


It is the absolute responsibility of the customer to advise ichameleon of any non-original finish areas on the vehicle. In case of incompatibility with a non-original finish (whether or not notified by the customer) ichameleon has the right to void this contract in these circumstances, ichameleon will not be obliged to complete or rectify any repair and the customer will not be obliged to make payment


ichameleon guarantee repairs for a period of two years. This is a formulation and application guarantee in that the finish will not degrade due to the paint being improperly mixed or applied by ichameleon. Future damage to the same area or failure to follow the care conditions will invalidate the warranty. Any repairs to rust or stone chips will not be guaranteed. If rust or stone chip repairs are taken on it is on an “attempt to improve” basis only and no assurance is made or implied that these types of repairs will be invisible or will last the length of the guarantee.


Rust repairs are not covered under any guarantee what so ever.


Future Care:

The repaired vehicle must NOT be washed or polished for a period of seven days following completion of the paint repair or repairs. This is to allow the finish to fully cure and harden. After which only use products specified in your users manual.


Payment Terms

Unless agreed by prior arrangement our payment terms are on completion of the repair. We accept cash or cheques made payable to ichameleon.

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