Mobile Paint and Scratch Repairs

Car Scratch Repairs in Dunfermline, Fife and North Edinburgh


With iChameleon, you can get paint scratches, bumper scuffs and other light damage repaired and taken care of without leaving the house.

Our mobile paint repair services allow us to come to you.
We will make sure your vehicle’s appearance is restored to its original state. You can rest assured that your car will be in the hands of experienced professionals with access to superior tools & materials

SMART Car Paint and Scratch Repair Services

Small to Medium Area Repair Technology


Before the development of SMART mobile paint repair techniques, even small paint scratches or scuffs would call for an expensive body shop visit.

SMART repairs allow us to repair small damaged areas on your car using specialized tools and paints.


SMART techniques allow repairing localized areas without having to repaint the entire panel. Compared to older paint repair methods, SMART repairs are cost-effective and carried out quicker, saving you time and money.


For scratches that leave panel damage, the first step is removing the dent. Any deep scratches left behind by the dent will be filled using a special filler product.


When repairs are complete, we then spray the repaired area, making sure the colour blends with the surrounding flawlessly.

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The process is simple, effective and allows us to be efficient in completing the repairs and having your car back in your hands within a few hours.

Why SMART Paint Repair?

Time and cost savings are two of the main benefits of SMART repair technology. Compared to conventional repair methods, which involve leaving your car at a body shop for a few days.


Since repairs are isolated to the damaged areas,  it takes less time to fix them. If you were to employ older forms of paint and scratch repairs, even slightly extensive damage would call for repainting your entire car.


As a result, using SMART mobile paint repair methods, iChameleon can lower the cost of repairs and minimise the time the client is without the vehicle


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