Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

Wheel repair in Fife, Dunfermline and Edinburgh


Whether you own a luxurious car or a simple family runaround ichameleon’s list of services could be for you.
Our wheel refurbishment services enable us to take care of your wheels wherever you are.

Covering Dunfermline, Fife, and Edinburgh, we utilize our people’s talents and high-quality materials to repair and refurbish wheels.

Wheel Refurbishment

At iChameleon, our mobile wheel repair and refurbishing processes include resurfacing, priming, painting, and clear coating of the wheel.


Our goal is to repair damages and restore your wheel’s appearance to its original state and to provide 100% customer service satisfaction.


Whether its a kerbed alloy or just wear and tear, we will be using a proven method to carry out the repairs.


·        We begin by cleaning the alloy wheel to reveal the extent of the damage

·        Tyres are then pushed off the rims and masked off for protection

·        The alloy wheel is sanded carefully to repair scratches and kerb scuffs

·        We repair them using a special filler if needed and then sand it for a smooth finish

·        With damage repairs, our wheel refurbishment specialists will prime the surface

·        One the primer is dried, we then match the wheel’s original colour to paint the surface

·        Before applying the final protective coat to seal the paint.

Alloy wheel straightening

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Benefits of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


Structural Integrity of the Wheel


Alloy wheel refurbishment is pivotal in preventing your vehicle from sustaining further damage caused by wheel damage. Alloy refurbishment will take care of small to medium structural problems that could have otherwise caused issues.




Shiny wheels are eyecatching. Let us give your existing wheels new life with our wheel refurbishment services, or why not go for something different and get some hydro dip printing done to them or go for complete colour change.


Alloy wheel refurbishment costs


iChameleon uses SMART repair techniques to ensure we can offer competitive rates on our alloy repairs without any compromises made on the quality.


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