Hydro Dip Printing FAQ’s

      • What can’t be dipped?
        A rule of thumb is that if you can submerge it in water without damage then it can be used for hydrographic printing. however, if you are unsure if your item is suitable for hydro dipping then please get in touch using our contact page so we can advise you.


      • I’m not sure what colour/design I want my item to be finished in.
        Please get in touch via our contact page or email us a photo of the item in question and we will be happy to discuss possibilities with you.


      • Is dipping permanent?


      • How much will it cost me?
        All depends on the design/finish and complexity of the item, sending us a photo via Whats-app/text or email we can give you a no-obligation quote


      • Will it last on alloy wheels?
        Yes, unless you pick a fight with kerbs etc with them.


      • Are you able to source specific patterns/designs?
        Yes, please get in touch and we can discuss more specific requirements.


      • How long does it take?
        This really comes down to the individual job; every job varies so we always quote lead times on a job by job basis.


      • What about the aftercare of the repair?
        All our dipped items are coated with a hard-wearing 2k clear coat so can just be treated as a normal painted surface.



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